Chairman’s Message


Alhamdolillah! It gives me great pleasure to launch UAK World, a name that contains a heritage and affection.

I look forward to leading UAK World to success, ensuring compliance, integrity and a level playing field for all the stakeholders. UAK is one of its own kinds of firms due to its service level, management composition and the diversity of products, which is going to get rise on the arena of corporate world.

The management of UAK World is focused on formulation of strategies for the Company’s future, evaluating and reviewing them to ensure that the Company sets business goals that are appropriate to current circumstances, managing and controlling risks, allocating budget and resources and closely advising the team to achieve the objectives

We have just entered the market and hope that our footprint continues to expand. Inshallah we will soon achieve due market share. We have a number of promising new products in our pipeline. We continue to believe that our products, services and the value they add to our customers’ businesses remain the fundamental elements of our continued success.