Technical Specs
 Price PKR 63,500/=

CD 70

Honda CD 70 is the first choice in motorcycles. The New CD 70 gives a perfect blend of Japanese technology along with charismatic design, in addition to its established superiority in terms of durability and fuel economy.Further, 3 years engine warranty not only provides peace of mind to its valuable customers but also the best value for their money.

New CD 70 is an ideal combination of attractive design with super econo-power and smoke-free 4-Stroke engine, which promises you the most economical ride of your life. The new eye-catching graphics, comfortable new seat design and aerodynamic shape have made Honda CD 70 best choice and a perfect partner. Further, high resale value of Honda CD 70 proves to be a life time asset for its customers. Atlas Honda’s extensive dealership network makes the motorcycle and its parts, available at your doorstep and its countrywide warranty facilitates provide you trouble free companionship.

Conditions Applicable For “Aik liter mein 80 KM

  1. The test was conducted on new CD-70.
  2. The motorcycle was driven in top gear at a constant speed of 50 km/h with single rider.
  3. Weight of the rider was 70 Kg.
  4. The road on which the test was conducted was smooth and straight.
  5. Spark plug gap was set between 0.6 mm to 0.7 mm.
  6. Tire pressure of 175kPa in the front tire and 200kPa in the rear tire was maintained.
  7. The element Air/Cleaner was new.